Stealth 350VR - PSVR Placement

The Stealth 350VR was designed to take advantage of the full VR audio experience. For optimal performance, it is important to place the Stealth 350VR headset over a VR headset correctly. The Stealth 350VR was designed for the PSVR, but the Stealth 350VR will be worn the same way with other VR headsets.

The PSVR headset can be adjusted in multiple directions to achieve the best comfort.  If the headset is pulled very low in the back, the headband may interfere with wearing a Turtle Beach Headset. To achieve maximum comfort, this can be corrected by lifting the back of the PSVR very slightly and using the tension adjuster to keep it in place.

Side View of Stealth 350VR and PSVR

Back of Stealth 350VR and PSVR

Note: the Stealth 350VR mic boom will not be used with the PSVR (the reason why it's not shown above). For more information, please see this article: Stealth 350VR - When to Use the Microphone