Stealth 520 - Parts & Accessories

Note: Parts in italics are not sold separately. Availability of replacement parts is subject to change at any time.

Stealth 520 Package Contents

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  • Avatar
    Ashley Sargent

    My son saved up for along time for your 520 stealth headset he was very careful with it. He properly stored after every use. Now 5 months after purchase it does not want to charge. What can I do to fix it.

  • Avatar
    TB Admin

    @ Ashley

    If it refuses to charge or power up, then that would be an issue. Your product is covered within the US/Canada by a one year warranty through us.

    Contact our support team here to go through the process:

  • Avatar

    Mines just done the same today! Have contacted support and left a message on twitter, hopefully someone will get back to me asap


  • Avatar
    Pete Marsh

    My son has managed to somehow break the plastic piece that slides on the left side of the headphones. Why isn't this available as a spare?

  • Avatar
    TB Admin

    @ Pete Marsh

    I’m sorry to hear that. Generally, the only parts we sell as replacement parts are parts that are designed to be removable (mics, ear cushions, etc). If the headset’s warranty is still valid, our support team should be able to assist you with this; you may want to contact our support team .

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