Stream Mic - Mic Recovery (Stream Mic Not Detected by Audio Hub)

If your Stream Mic is experiencing any the following symptoms, please try the instructions below:

  • Stream Mic is not detected by the Mac Audio Hub
  • Stream Mic LED repeatedly cycles through colors when connected to Mac Audio Hub

These instructions will force your Stream Mic to update with the Turtle Beach Audio Hub to ensure that you are running the latest firmware.

  1. Start this process with the Stream Mic disconnected from the Mac
  2. Open the Turtle Beach Audio Hub
  3. (With the Stream Mic disconnected) Switch to Xbox Mode
  4. Hold down the Mic Sensitivity button while connecting the USB Cable into your Mac.
  5. The Audio Hub will prompt you to update the Stream Mic.
  6. If the Audio Hub does not prompt you to update, please try steps 1-5 again.

After completing this update process, your Stream Mic should display in the Audio Hub and be ready to use.

If you are still having issues with this even after performing this process, please contact our support team.