Elite Pro 2 + SuperAmp for Xbox One - FAQ

Is the Elite Pro 2 + Elite SuperAmp for Xbox One wired/wireless? 

The Elite Pro 2 + Elite SuperAmp for Xbox One connects wired to the Xbox One Console via USB. You can then connect to your phone wireless through Bluetooth to listen to music and make phone-calls while gaming. 

Are there controls on the cable? 

The Elite Pro 2 cable includes a Mic Mute switch.  Volume and all other features are either controlled on the Elite SuperAmp 2 or the Audio Hub for iOS/Android 

Is the mic removable? 

Yes, the microphone is removable. 

Is the Elite Pro 2 + Elite SuperAmp for Xbox One surround sound? 

Yes, the Elite Pro 2 + Elite SuperAmp for Xbox One supports the Xbox One console's available Surround/Spatial Sound formats: Windows Sonic for Headphones & Dolby Atmos for Headphones.  

More information on these audio formats may be found here: https://support.xbox.com/en-US/xbox-one/console/windows-sonic-and-dolby-atmos-headset-options-and-help-on-xbox-one 

Can I use the Elite Pro 2 + SuperAmp with Bluetooth?

Yes, the Elite SuperAmp has built-in Bluetooth. Simply pair the SuperAmp to your desired Bluetooth-compatible device, plug the headset into the SuperAmp, and you can listen to music and take calls while you're gaming. You can also control and configure your Audio using the Turtle Beach Audio Hub mobile app.

Will I be able to use this wirelessly with Xbox One?

While specifically designed to be use with a wired connection to the console via the included Elite SuperAmp, the headset itself (without the Elite SuperAmp) can also be used with devices featuring a 3.5mm headset jack, including wireless Xbox One controllers.

How are the black and white Elite Pro 2 + SuperAmps different? 

The Black Elite Pro 2 + SuperAmp is designed for PlayStation 4.  The White Elite Pro 2 + SuperAmp is designed for Xbox One. The Headset themselves are functionally the same but the Elite SuperAmps were specifically designed for their respective consoles, and as such use different methods for USB Connections and Audio Processing.  As a result it is important that you buy the correct one for your console, as the Elite SuperAmps themselves are not compatible for the alternate console. 

Elite Pro 2 + SuperAmp for PS4

Elite Pro 2 + SuperAmp for Xbox One 

Does the Elite Pro 2 + Elite SuperAmp for Xbox One work with the PlayStation 4? 

The Elite Pro 2 + Elite SuperAmp for Xbox One is designed specifically for the Xbox One. However, the Elite Pro 2 Headset (without the Elite SuperAmp) uses a standard 3.5mm headset connector. This means that just the headset can be connected to many devices like phones, tablets or PS4 Controllers. When used this way you will not be able to take advantage of all the features of the Elite SuperAmp. 

Is the Elite Pro 2 + SuperAmp for Xbox One compatible with PC/Mac? 

Yes, the Elite SuperAmp has two different modes.  One is meant for use on Xbox One and the other PC/Mac.  Both the Xbox One mode and the PC/Mac mode use the USB Path for Game, Chat, and Mic Audio. Please note that Windows 10 in particular is required for Windows Sonic Surround Sound.