Elite Pro 2 + SuperAmp for PS4 - Turtle Beach Audio Hub - Increase Volume With Custom Preset

Please note that this article applies only to the mobile version of the Turtle Beach Audio Hub; these customizations cannot be made through the desktop version of the Turtle Beach Audio Hub.

The Elite Pro 2 + SuperAmp comes with 4 presets for both Game and Stream: Superhuman Hearing; Bass Boost; Bass and Treble Boost; Vocal Boost

You can use one of these presets, or you can create your own new custom Preset to further enhance and customize your audio experience. To learn how to create custom Presets, please click here.

Want louder audio? More bass, or more treble? Create a custom Preset to boost the Bass, the Treble, or simply raise all of the audio to your liking!

Increase the Volume

To increase the volume, please do the following: 

Tap the current Game Preset in the Home Screen of the Audio Hub; in the following example, the current Game Preset is "Signature Sound".


In the Create Game Preset banner, select "Create".


Set the Treble, Bass, and Mid sliders all the way to the right, and tap "Save".


Name the Preset, and tap "Store".

Select the new preset in the list of available presets. The volume will be louder, and the Bass, Treble, and Mid will be boosted.