Elite Pro 2 + SuperAmp for PS4 - Mic/Audio Not Working - Check Setup

If your headset is experiencing any of the following symptoms, please review the instructions below:

  • SuperAmp volume control has no effect
  • Center ("Palm Tree") logo is always red
  • You can't be heard in chat

If you are experience any of the above, it's possible the headset is not set up correctly. If you are having the above issues, please confirm the following to ensure that the headset is set up properly.

Make sure the headset is set up as shown below.



  • The headset's main cable should be connected to the "Headset" jack in the front of the SuperAmp. This jack will have an icon of a headset above it. If the headset's cable is plugged into the jack with the word "Out" above it (located on the back of the SuperAmp), the headset is plugged into the wrong jack. The jack with the word "Out" above it is the Stream Out jack. The headset would need to be plugged into the "Headset" jack in order to hear the game and chat audio.
  • The headset's main cable ends are not interchangeable. The plug with three black stripes should be plugged into the Headset jack on the front of the SuperAmp. The plug with four black stripes should be plugged into the headset jack on the headset itself. Both of these jacks -- on the SuperAmp and the headset itself -- will have icons of a headset just above them.
  • Make sure to fully insert the cable into the jack on the headset. It is a snug fit, and you should feel the plug slide into place twice. The cable is not fully inserted/plugged in until the plug slides into place the second time. An easy way to check if your headset cable is plugged in all the way is to make sure that the headset and mic icons (located on the headset and mic boom, respectively) are lined up with each other.
  • The mic should be plugged into the mic jack on the headset itself. This jack will have the image of a mic just above it.
  • The mic mute on the headset's main cable will have a red line showing when the mic is muted. If you can see that red line, the mic is muted; move the mic mute switch so that you cannot see that red line. The mic will be unmuted, and you should be able to be heard.