Atlas Three - PC Setup

To set up your Atlas Three headset for use with a PC, please do the following.

First, power the headset on by pressing and holding the Power button on the headset.

Then, plug the headset into the computer, as shown below.


If your PC has two separate jacks (one each for headset audio and mic audio), you'll need to use the included PC Splitter Cable, as shown below.


Then, set the headset as the default device, and make sure that the game's audio settings are configured, too:

  1. Right-click on the Speaker icon in the bottom-right of the Taskbar, and select "Open Sound Settings".
  2. Select the jack that the headset is plugged in to as the Default Input and Output Device.
  3. Some games/programs have their own audio settings, independent of the computer's settings. Make sure the headset is also set as the default device in the game/program you are looking to use the headset with, as well.