Elite Atlas - Audio Issues (No Sound One Side, Microphone Issues, Audio Distortion)

If your headset is experiencing any of the following symptoms, please try the instructions below.

  • Audio on one side
  • Can't hear voices, but can hear other sounds/audio
  • Microphone isn't working (can't be heard)
  • Microphone is low

If the headset's cables or mic are set up incorrectly, or are not plugged in all the way, this can cause microphone or audio issues.

1. Make Sure That The Headset's Cable Is Securely Plugged In All The Way

If the cable is plugged in to the jack, but is not plugged in all the way, it is possible that you may hear sound -- but the sound you do hear may have some of the symptoms mentioned above.

To make sure the headset's cable is plugged in:

  • The side of the headset with the "Connect This End To Headset" tag will need to be plugged into the headset. This is the side of the cable with four black stripes and five metal sections of the plug itself.
  • Position the cable as shown in the diagram below, with the headset icon on the cable just below the headset icon on the headset itself.


  • Insert the cable's plug in the jack on the headset. It is a snug fit, and you should feel the plug slide into place twice. The cable is not fully inserted/plugged in until the plug slides into place the second time. An easy way to check if your headset cable is plugged in all the way is to make sure that the headset and mic icons (located on the headset and mic boom, respectively) are lined up with each other.

In the image below, the headset and mic icons on the cable and mic boom are not lined up -- so the headset's cable is not fully plugged into the headset. The headset will likely experience some of the symptoms listed above. 


In the image below, those icons are lined up -- so headset's cable is plugged in all the way. The headset should not experience any of the symptoms listed above.


2. Test The Headset With Another Device

If the headset's mic and cables are securely plugged all the way into the correct ports, but you are still having the same issue, try a test call with a smartphone. This will test the headset away from the computer/platform is being used with.

Plug the headset into a smartphone/mobile phone, and make a test call. Make sure to keep the phone itself covered/in a pocket during the test; this will help to ensure that the headset's mic is picking up the sound, and not the phone's internal mics. Could you hear and be heard during that test call?

If you could not hear and/or be heard during that test call, please contact our Support Team.

3. Disconnect/Reconnect PC Splitter Cable

If you could hear and be heard during that test call, but you still have issues when the headset is used with the computer, try disconnecting the PC Splitter Cable (if you are using one), and then reconnecting it.

If you are not using a PC Splitter Cable, or if unplugging/replugging the PC Splitter Cable does not resolve the issue, please contact our Support Team.