Removable Ear Cushions - Information And Instructions

Many of our headsets come with removable/replaceable ear cushions. For some models, the serial number is located under the ear cushion itself.

To replace those ear cushions, or to locate and identify the serial number for some models, you'll need to first remove the ear cushion themselves.

Below you'll find instructions on how to remove and replace your headset's ear cushions.

You may also want to refer to the instructions for the ProSpecs Glasses Relief System on the Elite Pro and Elite Pro PC Edition.


The ear pads on our headsets are designed to be removable and replaceable. Depending on the use, for hygiene reasons, we recommend that you replace them every three months or so. They connect with a ring of cloth over a plastic "lip" on the main earpiece. To remove an ear pad, start by pulling the ear pad straight up using your thumb.


Once you've released the cloth from the lip on top, pull the ear pad straight back and it should slip right off.


Some of the ear pads will feel tight around that plastic lip. Don't worry though; the material can stretch enough to add and remove the ear pads without tearing the fabric so long as you exercise a little bit of caution.



To put the ear pad back in place, you should first line up the cloth on one side of the ear pad by just sliding the ear pad up. The cloth should slip into the groove or over the lip pretty easily.


Once you have the lip part of the way on, you can just slip a finger around the cloth ring to slide it all into the plastic groove


If it is almost all in place, but you are having trouble with just that last little bit, try gently rotating the ear pad. This will usually pull everything into place.

On some of our headsets, you may need to pull the cloth out on top to get it in place. Just like with removing the ear pad, don't worry; the material will stretch enough to get it on without tearing.