Stealth 700 Gen 2 PS - Charging

The Stealth 700 Gen 2 gives you 20 hours of rechargeable battery life. Make sure to charge it regularly, and before storing.

Please note that in order to conserve battery life, your headset will power off after no audio is played through it for 10 consecutive minutes. This is a fixed feature, and cannot be adjusted. This feature helps to save battery life – if you forget to power the headset off for the night after a long gaming session, you will only lose a few minutes of battery life, not a whole night’s worth.

To easily avoid the Auto-Shutdown feature, you can keep some music playing in the background, like the game’s soundtrack. The headset will detect the audio, and will not engage the Auto-Shutdown feature.

When the battery is low, the headset LED will "breathe" red. That LED will change to solid red when the headset is plugged in and charging; when the headset is plugged in, is powered on, and has finished charging, the headset LED will "breathe" blue. If the headset is plugged in, but powered off, the LED will turn off completely when the headset has finished charging.


Headset Storage

Always charge your headset before storing it for any extended period of time (greater than 3 months). Never store the unit in temperatures above 113°F/45°C.