Wireless Headsets - Auto Shut-Down

Our wireless headsets have an auto shut-down feature designed to save battery life when the headset is not in use for a long period of time.

The headset always has a running "timer" in it which is listening for (a) audio from your game console or (b) input from the headset's microphone.  Any time it picks up either game audio or mic audio, the timer will reset.

If the timer does not detect game audio or mic audio for a set period of time, the headset will enter its auto shut-off mode.  It will issue a warning.  If it still has not picked up any audio through its game channel or from its microphone in that time, it will turn itself off.

This means that after a few minutes of receiving no audio, the headset will turn off.  If you forgot to turn it off after a long day of gaming, you're only wasting a few minutes of battery life instead of an entire night's worth!

If you are not using the mic, the best way to prevent this feature form engaging is to play some music (like the game's soundtrack) through the headset. The headset will detect that audio, and will not power off.