Stealth 700 For PS4/PS4 Pro - PS5 Compatibility And Setup

We anticipate our PS4 headsets will be compatible with the new PS5 console.

To set up your wireless headset for use with a PS5 console, please do the following.

1. Plug the transmitter for your headset into a free USB port on the console, and then power the headset on.

*Make sure that the headset and transmitter are fully paired (LEDs on both are solid). To pair the headset:

  • Plug the transmitter into a free USB port on the console. Then, use a paperclip (or something similar) press and hold the transmitter's Pairing button, until the LED on the transmitter starts to flash rapidly.
  • Then, press and hold the Power button on the headset, until the LED on the headset also starts to flash rapidly.
  • Within a few seconds, the LEDs on both headset and transmitter will turn solid, indicating the headset and transmitter have paired successfully.

2. Go to Settings >> Sound >> Audio Output >> Output Device

      • Select Stealth 700 for Output Device
      • Set Output to Headphones to All Audio
      • Set Volume Control (headphones) level to Maximum

3. Adjust your microphone levels by going to Settings >> Sound >> Microphone >> Adjust Mic Level >> Microphone Level

*As desired, you can enable the 3D Audio function to enhance the audio through your headset. Then, go to Adjust 3D Audio Profile to select the best profile option for your game.

Please Note: The PS5 does not have a S/PDIF Optical Out. To use the Stealth 700 for PS4/PS4 Pro with all of its features on a PS5 console, an alternate setup is needed -- similar to the one used with a PS4 Slim console.