Hard Reset Process For Xbox Series X|S Console

If you are having issues using your Turtle Beach headset with an Xbox Series X|S console, please try the following, as many issues can be cleared up by performing a hard reset (or 'power cycle') of your Xbox Series X|S console.

To perform a hard reset on your Xbox Series X|S console:

  1. Hold down the Power button on the console for several seconds, until the console itself fully shuts down. Do not quick-press this button, as that will only put the console into Sleep mode. To perform this process properly, the console itself will need to power down completely.
  2. Once the console has powered off completely, press the power button on the console to turn it back on. You should see the Xbox logo display, and hear a sound effect.
  3. If you power on the console and it does an "Instant Boot" into the Dashboard, the hard-reset process was not performed correctly. You will need to perform this process again, starting with Step 1.
  4. Once you are sure that the console has been hard-reset properly, please verify that your headset is assigned to the correct profile when powered on.

After performing that process, test the headset out again to see if the issue was resolved.