Stealth 600 For PS4/PS4 Pro - PS5 Compatibility And Setup

We anticipate our PS4 headsets will be compatible with the new PS5 console.

To set up your wireless headset for use with a PS5 console, please do the following: 

1. Plug the transmitter for your headset into a free USB port on the console, and then power the headset on.

*Make sure that the headset and transmitter are fully paired (LEDs on both are solid). To pair the headset:

  • Plug the transmitter into a free USB port on the console. Then, use a paperclip (or something similar) press and hold the transmitter's Pairing button, until the LED on the transmitter starts to flash rapidly.
  • Then, press and hold the Power button on the headset, until the LED on the headset also starts to flash rapidly.
  • Within a few seconds, the LEDs on both headset and transmitter will turn solid, indicating the headset and transmitter have paired successfully.

2. Go to Settings >> Sound >> Audio Output >> Output Device

  • Select Stealth 600 for Output Device
  • Set Output to Headphones to All Audio
  • Set Volume Control (headphones) level to Maximum

3. Adjust your microphone levels by going to Settings >> Sound >> Microphone >> Adjust Mic Level >> Microphone Level

*As desired, you can enable the 3D Audio function to enhance the audio through your headset. Then, go to Adjust 3D Audio Profile to select the best profile option for your game.