Elite Atlas Aero - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the Elite Aero Atlas headset.


1. Is my Elite Atlas Aero equipped with Bluetooth?

The Elite Atlas Aero is not equipped with Bluetooth and would not offer any sort of wireless compatibility with mobile devices like smartphones or tablets. The headset would come with a mobile cable, allowing you to use the headset as a wired headset (with limited access to functions on the headset itself) with those devices. You can read more about this headset’s mobile compatibility here.

2. Is my Elite Atlas Aero Compatible on the PS4/PS5 Wirelessly? Will my Elite Atlas Aero work wirelessly on the Xbox One/Xbox Series X?

  • Your Elite Atlas Aero has limited compatibility when used as a wireless headset on the PlayStation console. Some features on the headset will be disabled or unavailable.
      • When connected wirelessly to the PS4, the headset volume controls are disabled. The volume cannot be adjusted using the headset volume dials; the volume will need to be adjusted using the console's volume controls. The Control Studio and Waves 3D Audio software and features provided by them would not available when used on the PS4.
          • For more information, please look over the PlayStation 4 setup and compatibility article, available here.
  • The Elite Atlas Aero cannot be used as a wireless headset with the Xbox consoles. The headset can be used as a wired headset with limited functionality. Further details regarding this headset’s Xbox compatibility can be found here.

3. Does the Elite Atlas Aero work with the Nintendo Switch?

There are two separate set ups for this headset that would provide you with limited functionality. Both of those set ups can be found here.

4. Can the Elite Atlas Aero be used with a Mac?

The Elite Atlas Aero was designed for use with The Turtle Beach Control Studio software for Windows 8.1 or Windows 10. That software would not be available for Mac computers. However, the headset itself -- without the Control Studio software/program -- can still be used with limited functionality on a Mac. Mac setup instructions can be found here.


1. Can the headset be used while charging? Can I charge my headset with my cell phone’s USB wall adapter?

  • For the best experience with this headset, we recommend charging the headset between uses, not while the headset is being used. 
  • While we usually suggest charging the headset via a USB port on your console, a USB wall adapter can be used to charge the headset.

For more information regarding charging this headset, please click here.


1. Is the Turtle Beach Control Studio software for Windows required to use this headset?

The Turtle Beach Control Studio is what would provide your headset with most of its features and functionality -- so for full functionality with all of the headset's offered features and controls, yes, you would need the Turtle Beach Control Studio. For more information regarding setting this headset up for use with a PC, including where to download the Control Studio program, please click here.

For more information about the Control Studio itself, including detailed information about the various features and controls offered by the Control Studio, please click here.

If you need assistance in getting your headset set up properly on your PC, please reach out to our support team for assistance with troubleshooting.

2. How do I replace the ear cushions on my headset?

We have an article with illustrations of the best way to replace our ear cushions available here.

Replacement ear cushions are available on the Turtle Beach Webstore.


1. My Elite Atlas Aero plays with crackles in the sound. I've moved its transmitter to a different USB port and it still happens. What can I do about this?

Try testing your Aero by shutting down the Control Studio software and running the Elite Atlas Aero headset with the generic Windows USB Audio Device driver. The headset controls will work with their default functions, and you can apply Windows Sonic for surround sound playback.

To shut down the Control Studio completely:

  1. In your taskbar (along the bottom of your screen), click the up-pointing arrow on the right, near the system clock.
  2. A submenu opens, showing icons for programs. Find the bright red triangle Turtle Beach icon. Right click the Turtle Beach icon and choose Exit.

Once you've done that, try using the headset again as you normally would. Does the headset perform better now?

If this issue persists, please provide your results directly to our support team, as they will be able to take a closer look at the issue.