Recon Controller - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the Recon Controller. This page will be updated as needed.

We also have a quick setup video for the Recon Controller available here.


1. Can I use the Recon Controller with my wireless Turtle Beach headset?

  • Yes, with limited functionality. The Recon controller can be used with a wireless headset, but there will be limitations. As there is no headset physically connected to the controller's headset jack, the volume controls on the controller itself will be disabled. Instead, you will need to use the volume controls on the headset itself.

2. Do the audio processing features affect a wireless headset?

  • No. The audio features provided by the controller -- including Presets and Superhuman Hearing, as well as Game and Chat balance -- are only engaged when a wired headset is physically plugged into the controller's headset jack. A wireless headset does not use that connection, and has its own independent connection directly to the console.

3. Do I need to select anything in the menus?

  • With a WIRELESS HEADSET: No. A wireless headset does not get assigned to the controller; as long as the headset is set as the default input and output device, you would not need to configure any additional settings.
  • With a WIRED HEADSET: Yes. You would need to follow the standard Xbox procedure for setting up a wired headset for the first time. This process is as follows:
      1. Securely plug the headset in to the controller's headset jack.
      2. Make sure the controller is assigned to the profile you are logged into/using.
      3. Configure the audio settings for both the console and the game in question to your preference.

4. Can I use the SuperAmp and the Recon Controller at the same time?

  • Yes, with limited features/controls. To set your SuperAmp up for use with the Recon Controller, please do the following:
      1. Make sure the SuperAmp is in the Xbox mode. This can be done within the desktop version of the Audio Hub.
      2. Connect the headset/SuperAmp to a USB port on the console, and configure the settings as shown here.
      3. Connect the controller itself to a USB port on the console.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Buttons and controls related to the volume including the mic mute) will not work. Other controls, including the button mapping and Pro-Aim, will. When using the SuperAmp with the Recon Controller, we recommend creating a EQ Presets profile that does not have any alterations to the volume -- ie, does not use Bass Boost, Bass + Treble Boost, or Vocal Boost -- and instead adjusting the EQ Presets and audio from the mobile version of the SuperAmp.

5. Can I use the Recon Controller with my Windows 10 PC?

  • Yes. The Recon Controller was designed to be used with an Xbox console or Windows 10.
  • Please Note: This controller is not compatible for use/cannot be used with a Windows 7 controller, and there are no alternate setups for Windows 7.


1. Can I use the controller when it is disconnected from its cable? Is this a wireless controller?

  • No. This is a wired controller that can be disconnected when needed. The controller must be securely plugged in via its cable in order to be used.

2. Which buttons on the controller can I re-map? How do I re-map those buttons?

  • On the Recon Controller, you can remap any of the controller buttons to the Left and Right Quick-Action buttons and save them to a profile. The Quick-Action buttons are the buttons located on the back of the controller.
    • PLEASE NOTE: When re-mapping a button to the Right Quick Action button, make sure to turn Pro-Aim OFF, as this will affect the button that is mapped to that Right Quick Action button.
  • To start the mapping process:
    1. Click on the Mode Button and cycle until you on to the Button Mapping option (the LED with the image of the controller will light up).
    2. Once the Button Mapping icon lights up, press the Select Button to choose a profile. Once you reach the right profile, activate mapping mode by holding down the select button for 2 - 3 seconds or so.
    3. After doing that, press the Quick-Action button (left or right button on the back of the controller) that you want to map to.
    4. Then, press the button on the controller that you wanted to assign to the Quick-Action button. After doing that, press and hold the Select button for 2- 3 seconds again. That should save the assignment that you've made.

PLEASE NOTE: For the best experience, do not map the Quick Action Button to more than one standard function button. If there are more than one standard function buttons mapped to a single Quick Action Button, there may be issues when trying to engage the Quick Action Button to use those standard function buttons.