Elite Pro PC Edition - Surround Sound Driver Installation/Setup Guide

**PLEASE NOTE: This process is compatible only with the PC AMP. Attempting to perform this process with the PS4 Amp will not work.**

1. Download the DTS Headphone:X Surround Driver here.

2. Plug the Elite Pro PC Amp into the headset, and then plug the USB Amp into an open USB Port. Allow Windows Automatic Installation to occur. This may take a couple of minutes.


3. Run the Installer.


4. Select Turtle Beach Elite Pro PC Amp if prompted.


5. A window will open, asking Would you like to install this device software? Click "Install" to continue.


6. The software will install; when it is complete, a window will open, showing that the installation was a success.


7. You will be prompted to restart your computer.


8. After your computer re-starts, you will need to configure the settings. With the Headset and Amp plugged into the computer, right-click the Speaker Icon in the bottom-right corner of your taskbar. Then, Right-click Playback Devices.

                  speaker_icon.PNG                       playback_devices.PNG                   

9. Right-click Turtle Beach Elite Pro PC A.M.P. to Set as Default Device.


10. Click the  Configure button (config.png) -- located at the bottom-left of the window -- and set to 7.1 Surround.



11. Right-click Turtle Beach Elite Pro PC A.M.P. and select Properties.


12. Click the Turtle Beach Audio Settings tab (shown below). From here, you can configure your advanced audio settings. 



  1. Multiple DTS Headphone:X 7.1 Surround Sound Modes are available to select from. Each mode provides a unique sonic environment:
    1. Game Mode - Place yourself in the middle of the action and hear your games just as the developers intended
    2. Movie Mode - Get the best seat in the house and experience your movies like never before
    3. Music Mode - Bring your music onto a personal stage for your own private concert experience
    4. DTS Headphone:X Off (Stereo Mode) - Down-mix all your Surround Channels into standard stereo playback.  In this mode you will still hear all of the audio content passing through your 7.1 channels including Front Left, Front Right, Center, Surround Right, Surround Left, Rear Right, Rear Left, and Sub.

  2. To bypass DTS Headphone:X, select Surround OFF. This will pass-through only the Front Left and Front Right audio channels. Any audio that would normally pass through other Surround channels will not be heard. The DTS Headphone:X Mode menu will be greyed out, and you will see the option to turn the Surround On, as shown in the image below. 
  3. Superhuman Hearing 
    • Here you can manually engage Superhuman Hearing, or set a Hot-key so it can be conveniently engaged mid-game while you are away from the Turtle Beach Audio Settings Menu.