Recon Chat for Xbox One – Quick Start Guide

You can download the Recon Chat Quick Start Guide here.

You can also view the contents of that Quick Start Guide below:


  1. Recon Chat Headband (A)
  2. Recon Chat Earcup with Microphone (B)






  1. Mic Mute Switch
    • Switch to mute_button_black.png to mute the microphone.
  2. Master Volume
    • Adjust the master volume of the incoming chat audio.


Note: The Recon Chat works with Xbox One Controllers with a 3.5mm headset jack. Other controllers require the Xbox One Headset Audio Controller (available here).


1. Press the Xbox Button while in the Xbox One's Home Screen.

2. Go to the System tab (gear icon) >> Settings >> Audio.



2. Set Headset Volume to Maximum.

3. Set Mic Monitoring to your Preferred Level.



  1. Go to Settings >> Devices >> Audio Devices.
  2. Set Input & Output Devices to Headset Connected to Controller.
  3. Set Output to Headphones to Chat Audio.
  4. Set Volume Control (Headphones) level to Maximum.
  5. Select Adjust Microphone Level and follow the on-screen instructions to calibrate your microphone.

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  • Avatar

    I just bought these and i cant get sound out of them 


  • Avatar
    TB Admin


    What sound?

    This model is a CHAT only headset, so there will be no game sound, menu music, etc. Only chat.

  • Avatar
    Katelyn Kirchoff-Satchell

    Just bought these and they won't work

    No one can hear me. Like they aren't even connected

  • Avatar
    TB Admin

    @ Katelyn

    Try this with a cellphone to make/take a call. Do you have any issues there with your microphone?

  • Avatar
    Katelyn Kirchoff-Satchell

    It works for my cellphone. But not when I have it in the controller

  • Avatar
    TB Admin

    @ Katelyn

    That may lean to an issue on the controller end. Try another controller, but if it persists then you may want to swap out the headset itself.

  • Avatar
    Devon Anderson

    Yeah. These mics don't work at all. I've tried on multiple controllers and it doesn't even show that it's connected. I did everything the instructions said.

  • Avatar
    TB Admin

    @ Devon

    As per the other details in the threads here, you may want to look into swapping the headset out in that case.

  • Avatar
    Dylan Torres

    I just bought my headset and it's making a buzzing sound

  • Avatar
    Hayden Page

    my chat is coming through the telly and the xbox, how do i stop it coming through the telly

  • Avatar
    TB Admin

    @ Dylan Torres

    If you use the headset with a smartphone, does that buzzing persist? If so, you’ll want to contact our support team so they can troubleshoot this with you.

  • Avatar
    TB Admin

    @ Hayden Page

    It sounds like the Party Chat Output settings may not be configured correctly. If you go to Settings >> Display and Sound >> Volume >> Party Chat Output, is the Party Chat Output set to “Headphones” or “Headphones & Speakers”? To get that chat audio through only the headset itself, you’ll want to make sure that Party Chat Output is set to “Headphones”.

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