Replacement Parts

Please note that Replacement Parts are not available in Retail stores. They are only available directly from us and through our International Distributors as listed below:

United States: Turtle Beach Webstore (listed by platform)

Canada: Video Games Plus  

For all other Countries please contact our respective Distributors.

For lightweight parts the following shipping options are available: Ground, Expedited, Priority, and USPS First Class (with Tracking).

Because of a big demand (wear & tear) occasionally these items are on Back Order status, so it is a good practice to buy a couple at a time and save on shipping too. Replacement Parts for new products are usually posted within a month or two after the product release.

Replacement Parts and accessories that are subject to "wear and tear" such as earpads, mic foam covers, talkback cables, etc. have a three (3) month Warranty. Free of charge replacement parts are processed only by our Support staff under Warranty based on the purchase date. Cables that are permanently connected to a headset are not replaceable.

In order to receive a Replacement Part under Warranty free of charge, please click here. These requests are processed in the exact order they are received depending on inventory availability. *Accidents* are not covered. If you need a replacement part urgently, we recommend that you place your order from our Web Site Store. However, you cannot submit an on-line order for a replacement part and afterward request a refund based on Warranty replacement.

NOTE: During the life of a product VTB reserves the right to change the looks and feel of after-sale replacement parts, so they may not be the same as the original ones included in your box.

Wear & Tear:
A typical case scenario is that house pets seem to favor chewing on cables, mics, etc. shorting them out. In fact this issue appears in 'epidemic' numbers, overshadowing all other issues. No kidding here! We are sorry but this is not a manufacturing defect. If a cable is chewed by a pet or accidentally gets caught under a chair or a desk, it is not covered by the Manufacturer's Warranty.

The Talkback (Chat) cable is a lightweight cable designed for comfort and it may not always resist the rigors of use. Gamers who use our headphones extensively may need to change this cable every few months due to normal "wear and tear" . It would make sense to buy a couple at a time (while in stock) and save on shipping charges too.

Discontinued Products:
As a courtesy to our customers, we try to carry replacement parts for one year after the official date that a product was discontinued. Beyond this period we have no obligation to carry replacement parts that are no longer in production, since a product was discontinued. It would be very costly to maintain inventory of such parts and the purchase price for consumers would be too high. Replacement Parts for Discontinued Products are sold on an AS IS basis and come with a 30 day Warranty.

To prevent failure of the controller cable, please do not tug on it or put any stress on the ends of the cable. Also, be careful not to bend the tip. Always disconnect the Talkback Cable when carrying the product, so that the tip does not snap inside the controller.

To prevent your cords from getting "chewed" you may try putting white vinegar on cables.

Wired Headphones that have long cords should be occasionally untangled, before the repeated twisting breaks or shorts the internal wiring. Do not rest cables on top of units that generate heat. Cables that are permanently attached to a Headset are not replaceable and the entire headset must be replaced.