Stealth 500X - Turtle Beach Audio Hub - Manage Presets & Update Firmware

The Turtle Beach Audio Hub is a Preset Manager and Firmware Updater for the Elite 800, Elite 800X, Stealth 420X, PX24, Elite Pro TAC, Stealth 500X, XP510, PX51, Phantom, Z300, i30 and i60.

The Turtle Beach Audio Hub is available for Windows and Mac.

The Turtle Beach Audio Hub will automatically check for the newest firmware and install the newest version if available.

Note for Stealth 500X: You must connect both the transmitter and headset to separate USB ports on your PC in order to update the firmware for the entire product. If the Audio Hub prompts you to attach additional components, then both the transmitter and headset aren't plugged into different USB ports on your PC.

Newest Firmware:

Model Firmware -
Firmware -
Stealth 500X v1.0.5 v2.0.3 10/1/15 - Corrected an issue with the Noise Gate from the
previous release.



The Turtle Beach Audio Hub includes preloaded custom Game and Chat presets. Changing presets on your headset and checking the existing preset lineup is easy and straight forward.

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  • Avatar
    Josh Black

    with the survive they provide online i think its alot easier to just take it into the store if your having problems, i feel sorry for you if your warranty isnt void cause ive been through a few headsets already shocking really, im trouble shooting at the moment and the audio hub recognizes my 500p headset as a 400 stealth? just goes to show......


    you cant even edit comment on this site i wanted to fix my phones auto corrects lol come on turtle beach shocking 

    -Dont worry about the spelling, but we have merged your comments to be easier to see. ~TB

  • Avatar
    Josh Black

    Yo i was suggested by a turtle beach representative to try fixmy headset via audio hub... the gentleman didnt take note i was using a 500p and audio hub is for xbox or pconly.... last turtle beach headset im purchasing omg what hassles....


    Admin- Personal insults or attacks are not needed, nor welcomed. I have edited your response.


  • Avatar
    TB Admin

    The audio hub can be used to update the 500P. Please follow the instructions from the support team. If you cannot do so, then you will need to let them know why, and not turn to the comments here to insult them. They cannot help you here.

  • Avatar

    The audio hub can be used to update the 500x ?


  • Avatar
    Jurjan Rozema

    I really hate your software and here's why:

    1. I cant use the software without an internet connection. I have a internet connection but when your servers are out my hardware is useless! 

    2. The link on your site to download the hub software doesn't work anymore.... I had to go to the internet to download the software and ended up on a site that gave me a virus. THANK YOU!

    3.  Now i finally have the right software but cant use my device because i have only one USB port and both the transmitter and the headset have to be on separate ports. I do have a USB HUB but that doesn't work with your software

    4. I bought the headset for the XBOX one and now its already legacy....

    I hope you do something with the feedback because this really sucks



  • Avatar
    TB Admin

    @ Jurjan

    Sorry to see you had some issues.

    We do not often have server issues on our end, but if the program is not active your hardware can still be used just find. The audio hub is a supplemental program only. Your headset functions as normally without it in use.

    The links appear to be fine with us, but if you have both server connection issues, and a problem with our links then there may be something on your end with your ISP.

    Many of our products, for the initial update, etc. do need to have the full product plugged in for use. This will require more than a single usb connection, sadly there is no way around that.

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