Stealth 400 - Pairing Instructions

The Stealth 400 headset pairs to a transmitter in order to receive game audio and chat from the console. When the headset is paired to the transmitter, the LED on the transmitter will be solid and the LED on the headset will be blinking once per second. If the LED on the transmitter is blinking and the LED on the headset is double blinking, the headset has lost pairing to the transmitter.

The Stealth 400 headset and transmitter are paired out of the box, so these instructions are only necessary if the headset has lost pairing to the transmitter. This may occur if the headset is out of range of the transmitter for a long period of time or if the battery has run very low.

Stealth 400 Pairing Instructions

1. Connect the Transmitter to the a USB port on the console and power the headset OFF.

2. Press and hold the PAIR button on the transmitter for 5 seconds using a paperclip (or similar). The LED will begin to flash rapidly.

Note: the PAIR button on the transmitter is recessed to prevent entering pairing mode accidentally.

3. Press and hold the Power Button on the right earcup of the headset until the Power LED flashes rapidly. A voice prompt through the headset will confirm that the headset has entered pairing mode.

4. Within 5-10 seconds, the LED on the transmitter will become solid and the Power LED on the headset will blink once per second. A voice prompt will confirm that the pairing process was successful.

The headset and transmitter are now paired and you should now be able to hear game audio and chat through the headset.


Q. My headset won't go into pairing mode. What's wrong?

A. Make sure the headset is off before beginning the pairing process, then hold the power button on the RIGHT Earcup for 5 seconds. Check that the headset is fully charged as the headset may not pair properly if the battery is low. Do not have the charge cable connected while pairing the headset and transmitter.

Q. Where is the PAIR button on the Stealth 400 transmitter?

A. The Pair button is recessed and can be found on the left side of the transmitter, on the opposite side of the Digital Optical Input. It is in a small pinhole so it can be easily missed. Using a paperclip is the easiest way to press the Pair button. Do not use a sharp object to press the button.

Q. I'm trying to pair the headset to my phone and it won't work. Is it incompatible?

A. The Stealth 400 does not have a built in bluetooth interface so they cannot be paired to a mobile device via bluetooth. The Stealth 400 includes a mobile cable that allows you to connect the headset to a mobile device.

If you are still having any issues pairing the headset and transmitter, please contact our Support Team.

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  • Avatar
    Xeon Eclipse

    I have paired and done everything correctly, I know this because the headset said "paired."  But there is not game sound when I load up games, only the microphone works. Please help!

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    TB Admin

    @ Xeon

    Pairing is only half of your setup here. Make sure to go over your guide and check your settings on the console as well.

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