Z22 - Microphone or One Side of Headset Not Working


- Microphone does not pick up my voice
- Audio only plays from one side


Suggestion #1:

Make sure that the headset is plugged securely into the headphone jack on the in-line amplifier. It is designed to be a snug fit, so it may take a bit more force to plug the headset in all the way. If the connection is loose, your mic might stop picking up your voice, or you might not hear game audio in either or both speakers.

Suggestion #2:

Make sure the Mic Switch (A) is in the On position. To do this, slide the Mic Switch so that it lines up with one of the microphone icons. The mic LED on the headset should be bright blue (Mic On - High) or dark blue (Mic On - Low). A red light indicates that the mic is muted. A purple/pink light indicates that the headset is in Phone Call Mode.

Also turn up the Mic Monitor dial (B); this will allow you to hear your own voice playing back in the headset, so you won't feel like you have to shout into the mic to be heard.

Suggestion #3: (PC only):

In Windows, click Start >> Control Panel >> Hardware and Sound >> Sound. Click the Recording tab. Right-click Turtle Beach Z22 in the list and click "Set as Default Communication Device".

Suggestion #4: (Mac only):

Click the Apple Menu, then System Preferences >> Sound. Click the Input tab and select Turtle Beach Z22.

If you are still having trouble after trying the suggestions above, please contact our Support Team: Contact Support