PX5, XP500, Delta - Advanced Sound Editor - Manage Presets & Update Firmware

Note: The following information is for the PX5, XP500, and MW3 Delta headsets only. If you have a different headset, please see the headset's corresponding support section for the appropriate preset software. The PX5 and XP500 are not to be confused with the PX51 and XP510. Check the model name on your headset's right earcup.

PLEASE NOTE: As of 2016, the servers for the PX5/XP500/Delta Advanced Sound Editor are no longer active. Presets cannot be downloaded separately and the software cannot check for new firmware updates. The PX5/XP500/Delta software downloads below include the files you would need to update the firmware and reset settings:

How to Update PX5/XP500/Delta Firmware

1. Open the PX5/XP500/Delta Advanced Sound Editor software. Power the headset on, then connect the headset to a USB port on your PC with the USB Programming Cable when prompted to do so.

2. Click the 'Configuration' tab on the top left, then click the [...] button next to the Update Firmware field.

3. A window will pop up that should automatically open to the Turtle Beach Downloads directory (default: C:\Turtle Beach\[Model Name] Advanced Sound Editor\Downloads). You should see the firmware file for your headset, VTB_[Model Name]_Head_Firmware_xx-xxxx.vtbhex . Select that file and click 'Open'.
(The x's are for the model headset and the date of the firmware, which will change depending on the version. The file will always have the .vtbhex extension at the end of the filename. Make sure the filename matches your headset model: PX5, XP500, or Delta!)

4. Back on the Advanced Sound Editor window, click the 'Update' button. Leave the headset attached until the software confirms that the update is complete. The update process may take up to 10 minutes.

File list: