Stealth 520 - PC Compatibility

The Stealth 520 was designed for PS3 and PS4 consoles only. We are unable to guarantee universal PC compatibility for the Stealth 520.

With a firmware update released in 12/2016, it is possible to use the Stealth 520 properly on a PC. Firmware update instructions and the Ear Force Audio Hub download link are detailed in the Ear Force Audio Hub - Firmware Update for PS4 Without Optical article. The firmware update modifies the controls on the Stealth 520 to work without an optical cable connection from the transmitter. A Stealth 520 PC setup will only use the USB path.

The following info is provided on an unsupported AS-IS basis.

• Windows or Mac PC with:
    • 1 empty USB 2.0 port

PC Setup & Windows Settings:

1. Connect the transmitter to a USB port on your PC.

2. Go to Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Sound (or right-click the speaker icon in the taskbar), go to the Playback tab, right-click "Speakers - Turtle Beach Stealth 520 Chat" and select "Set as Default Device".

3. Click on the Recording Tab and select "Microphone - Stealth 520" as the Default Device.

4. Once the Default Devices have been selected, click 'OK'.

Your PC Sound Settings are now configured for Game Audio and Microphone use.

Please note that settings within chat software will still need to be configured separately.

The following diagram describes the controls on the Stealth 520 with and without an optical cable connection. The controls listed under "Headset Controls without Optical" are the controls that will be active on a PC.



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    So I downloaded this firmware and now the sound quality on the headset is really loud and low quality. This is only when I set my audio output on my PS4 to tv or amplifier. I set it to this because I want to use my elgato game capture to record my gameplay and game sound. Is there anyway to fix this low quality sound when the audio output is set to tv or amplifier, or the optical audio cord is unplugged? Please let me know

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    TB Admin

    Hi Chris, the optical connection is required for high-quality surround-sound game audio. If you use the transmitter connection only (with no optical cable) or have the PS4 "Output to Headphones" option set to "All Audio" instead of "Chat Audio", then that tells the PS4 to send both game and chat sounds through the USB chat interface. The USB chat interface supports stereo audio only (not surround), so the audio quality would be reduced when using the headset under those circumstances. For best quality game audio, use the optical connection and have "Output to Headphones" set to "Chat Audio".

    This blog entry may help with your Elgato setup:

    If you're still having trouble, then please get in touch with us here:

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