Drivers for Turtle Beach Headsets

PC-Compatible Turtle Beach headsets with USB amplifiers/transmitters do not require separate USB drivers provided by Turtle Beach to function on a PC.

If the headset uses a USB connection for audio output/input, generic USB drivers for the headset should install automatically. This may take a few minutes; after those drivers are installed, the headset will be available for use in the Sound Settings.

If the headset uses a USB connection for power only (or connects solely to a headset jack), no drivers will install when the headset is connected. The headset will not be recognized or listed as an individual audio device. Instead, your headset will be listed under the jack/port it is connected to, as, in this case, your PC will only detect that a device is plugged into the headset jack.

Please reference the table below to see if your headset uses the USB only for power/ uses analog connections only—in which case, no drivers will install—or if your headset receives audio through USB—in which case, generic drivers will install. (If your headset is not listed in this table, drivers are not necessary for your headset):

USB Chat/Audio Interface USB for Power and/or Analog Only
 When Connected, Generic Drivers Will Install When Connected, No Drivers Will Install

- Elite 800
- P11
- PLa
- PX22
- PX3
- Recon 320
- Stealth 450
- Stream Mic
- Tactical Audio Controller
- Z22
- Z300
- Z60

- PX24
- Recon 50
- Recon 50P
- Recon 50X
- Stealth 350VR
- X12
- Z11
- ZLa


Note: this list only includes headsets that are designed for PC.

DTS Headphone:X Surround Sound and Audio Hub Drivers

A small number of Turtle Beach PC Headsets require a separate driver provided by Turtle Beach to enable DTS Headphone:X 7.1 or Dolby surround sound. Those headsets and links to their drivers are below:

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  • Avatar
    Gamers Not_Nerds

    What About The XO Seven Pro It Says That It's Compatible With A Mobile Therefore A Laptop/Desktop As Well But There Aren't Any Drivers For It Here It Would Be Appreciated If You Could Add Them As It Isn't Installing The Drivers Naturally Like The First Time I Plugged Them Into My Laptop So Any Help Would Be Appreciated.

  • Avatar
    TB Admin

    The XO7 pro connects to mobile devices directly via its standard 3.5mm connection. There is no driver needed, nor usb connection as with the models listed here.

  • Avatar
    Make 023

    im using the Earforce Z60 headphones and i have massive problems. First i could only use chat or game audio, not both. now when i speak in skype i cant hear my friends and i can hear my self speaking. even when my pc is off, i still hear my self clearly. i tested this by blowing to the microphone and i hear that annoying "Chhhhhhhh". How could i fix this?


    I Have tried:

    Swap USB ports

    Restart my PC

    Windows Mixer

    Swapping audio modes

    Re-plugging the mic

    Re-plugging the headphones

    Using another computer

    Your quick start guide


    and still this problem continues.  so crap the "Dont take this product back to store" note, bcs i will take these back and dont buy Turtle Beach again!

  • Avatar
    TB Admin


    You appear to be having a few install issues. You will want to try the complete user guide and not the quick start.

    You can find the complete user guide here:

    That will give you details for your setup and use, such as turning the mic monitor(hearing yourself when you speak into the mic) on or off via the button on the volume unit.

  • Avatar

    What about the i60? How can I enable DTS Headphone:X 7.1 or Dolby surround sound on it?

  • Avatar
    TB Admin

    @ yrikli00

    Is the i60 being used with a PC? If so, you’ll want to check out the i60 User Guide (available here), specifically pages 13-16, which cover setting the headset up for use with a PC and configuring the Surround Sound. If this is being used with a Mac computer, you’ll want to check out pages 10-12 of that same Guide.

  • Avatar
    NIck S

    How do I install the drivers for the X12 or the recon 50?

  • Avatar
    TB Admin

    @NIck S

    The X12 and Recon 50 headsets do not have or need drivers for PC use. Are you having issues with either the X12 or Recon 50 model headsets? If so, you may want to contact our support team.

  • Avatar
    Bagel Delivery

    I have a px24 and all of the tutorials I looked at go to the sound settings and select a turtle beach mic icon in the recording tab. I however don't have this for some reason and one of the guides said everything should install automatically, I even got the turtle beach audio hub and updated my drivers and still nothing. Is there anywhere I can go to get these drivers?

  • Avatar
    TB Admin

    @Bagel Delivery

    The PX24 uses the USB connection for power only; in the case of this headset, no drivers will install. If you are having issues with the mic registering in the Recording Devices, you may want to contact our support team; they’ll be happy to assist you with this.

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