Drivers for Turtle Beach Headsets

PC compatible Turtle Beach headsets with USB amplifiers/transmitters do not require separate USB drivers provided by Turtle Beach to function on a PC. If the headset uses a USB connection for audio output/input, generic USB drivers for the headset should install automatically. This may take a few minutes, after which the headset will be available in the Sound Settings.

If the headset only requires a USB connection for power (or connects solely to a headset jack), no drivers will install as the PC will not recognize the headset as an individual audio device. Your PC should only detect that a device is plugged into the headset jack. Please reference the table below to see if your headset only uses analog connections or receives audio via USB:

USB Chat/Audio Interface USB for Power and/or Analog Only (Not a USB Headset)
  • Elite 800
  • P11
  • PLa
  • PX22
  • PX3
  • Recon 320
  • Stealth 450
  • Stream Mic
  • Tactical Audio Controller
  • Z22
  • Z300
  • Z60
  • PX24
  • Recon 50
  • Recon 50P
  • Recon 50X
  • Stealth 350VR
  • X12
  • Z11
  • ZLa

Note: this list only includes headsets that are designed for PC.

DTS Headphone:X Surround Sound and Audio Hub Drivers

A small number of Turtle Beach PC Headsets require a separate driver provided by Turtle Beach to enable DTS Headphone:X 7.1 or Dolby surround sound. Those headsets and links to their drivers are below:



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