Stealth 700 for Xbox One – Headset Recovery (Headset Won’t Turn On/Not Detected By Audio Hub)

If your headset is experiencing any of the following symptoms, please try the instructions below:

  • Headset will not power on
  • When charging, the LED does not display correctly
  • Audio Hub does not detect the headset

These instructions will force your headset to update with the Turtle Beach Audio Hub to ensure that you are running the latest firmware.

**If you have not already done so, download the Turtle Beach Audio Hub (for Windows or MacOS)**

  1. Start this process with the Headset powered OFF.
  2. Open the Turtle Beach Audio Hub (for Windows or MacOS).
  3. Connect the USB Charge Cable to the Headset’s USB Charge/Update port.
  4. (With the Headset powered OFF) Hold down the Superhuman Hearing™ button while connecting the USB Cable into your computer.
  5. The Audio Hub will prompt you to update the headset.
  6. If the Audio Hub does not prompt you to update, please try steps 1-5 again.
  7. This update process will take ~5 minutes to complete, during this process do not move the headset or jostle the USB Connection.

After completing this update process, try powering on your headset.  If your headset has powered on, but the LED on the Headset is blinking follow the pairing instructions available here.

If you are unable to complete this process, or this process otherwise does not resolve this issue, please contact our support team for further assistance.