Elite 800X - Xbox One Setup

Please follow the instructions below to get your Elite 800X set up for use with an Xbox One console.

**PLEASE NOTE: Make sure the Xbox One is fully powered on and signed into an Xbox Live profile before connecting the Transmitter for the first time. In addition: Remove the clear plastic caps form the ends of the Digital Optical Cable before connecting.**

  1. Connect the USB end of the USB Transmitter Cable to a USB Port on the game console.
  2. Connect the micro-USB end of the USB Transmitter Cable to the USB port on the Transmitter.
    Connect the Digital Optical Cable from the Digital Out port of the game console to the Digital In port of the Transmitter.


Once the headset and transmitter are connected and powered on, you'll need to configure the settings, as follows: 

1. In the Xbox One’s home screen, press the Xbox button on the controller.

2. Go to the System tab (gear icon) >> Settings >> General >> Volume & Audio Output



3. Set Optical Audio to Bitstream Out.

Bitstream_Out.png4. Set Bitstream Format to Dolby Digital.

**NOTE: Do NOT select DTS Digital Sound. The Elite 800X is designed to accept Dolby Digital content for the best possible audio experience.**