Recon Controller - Update Firmware, Reset To Factory Default

For the best experience possible, we recommend always running the latest firmware for your Recon Controller. This is also an important step for troubleshooting, as well.

Model Firmware Date Notes
Recon Controller v.1.0.3 8/20/2021


- Fixes bug where controller Xbox One button would not reliably wake up Xbox console.
- Fixes bug where controller would not power up if console Xbox button is pressed.
- Fixes bug where controller would not power up when PC exits sleep state.
- Fixes PC connection issue with certain types of USB hubs.
- Added reset to factory default feature


To update the firmware for your controller, please do the following:

First, download the Turtle Beach Control Center. The download links below are region-specific, so be sure to select the correct link for your region. The Control Center is available for both Xbox consoles and PC.



Once the Turtle Beach Control Center has been downloaded, open the Control Center. If your controller isn't already connected to the console/computer, you'll see a visual prompt to connect the controller.


When the controller is connected, you'll see the image of the controller on the screen, along with a banner informing you whether a firmware update is available. Select the controller on the screen, and perform the firmware update. While the firmware is being updated, the screen will change to show the progress of that update.


Once the update is complete, you'll see a notice on the controller image saying that your device is up to date.


To exit the Control Center:

  • PC/Xbox: Press B on the controller itself and follow the prompts to close the Control Center; you will see a prompt asking if you would like to exit the program. Select Yes.
  • PC: With the mouse, navigate to the upper-right hand corner of the screen; an X will appear. (This X appears only when the mouse is hovering over that upper-right corner.) Click on that X to close the program. You will receive the same exit prompt.
  • PC: On the keyboard, press the ALT and F4 keys at the same time. You will receive the same exit prompt.


One feature included in the 8/20/2021 update is an option to Reset To Factory Default. The Control Center does not need to be actively running to perform the Reset To Factory Default, but the controller's firmware must first be updated before the controller can be Reset. The Reset to Factory Default can be done while the headset is connected to either the Xbox console or a PC.

PLEASE NOTE: This process will not remove any stored calibration data, but will completely reset/delete all of the button mapping and preferences set for every profile stored in the controller. If the Recon Controller needs to be recalibrated, please click here for full instructions for that process.

To rest the controller to factory default, please do the following:

  1. Connect the Type-C cable to the controller. Do not connect Type-A to the console or PC yet.
  2. Press and hold down all ABXY face buttons; at the same time, connect the Type-A end to the PC or Xbox. Keep holding the buttons down after the controller is plugged in.
  3. Do not release the buttons until all of the LEDs on the controller illuminate. Once all of the LEDs illuminate, release those buttons.

Your controller should now be factory reset.